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We are three highly reputable and well-known post acute, rehabilitation and skilled nursing centers dedicated to meeting the varying health care needs of our local community.

Our Aberjona, Winchester, and Woburn Rehabilitation and Nursing Centers provide post acute, rehabilitative and skilled nursing services in a supportive, compassionate environment, complete with top quality amenities and opportunities for gracious living.

When you enter, you'll immediately sense our commitment to excellence. Our elegant décor, attention to detail, talented professionals and resident-centered approach to guest relations truly exemplify our dedication to delivering the highest caliber of healthcare.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am eligible for Medicaid?

The patient or someone designated by the patient must file a Medicaid application with the Division of Medical Assistance for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in order to determine if you are eligible for Medicaid. For additional questions/concerns, you may call the Medicaid Office at 800-841-2900.

If the patient is eligible for Medicaid, is the patient responsible to pay any funds to the nursing home?

Yes. Medicaid requires by law that the patient pay a portion of their monthly income to the nursing home less sixty dollars. The patient is allowed to keep $72.80 for personal expenses each month. Usually the patient’s Social Security and any pension amounts added together less $72.80 is the amount Medicaid requires the patient to pay the nursing home.

What is an example of why a patient would not qualify for Medicare Part A insurance prior to the 100 day maximum?

If a patient’s condition has improved to the point that services of a skilled professional such as a nurse or therapist are no longer needed, then, in most cases the Medicare Part A insurance will stop paying for the stay at the Skilled Nursing Facility. For example, if a patient suffered a fractured hip and with therapy reached their full therapeutic potential, required no skilled nursing services and yet remained in the nursing facility, Medicare Part A insurance would end on the last day of therapy.