Help Out Your Elderly Neighbors This Winter!

January 27, 2014
Salter Healthcare Team

Help Out Your Elderly Neighbors This Winter!

Major snowstorms can be extremely dangerous, and in some cases, life-threatening. As with any severe weather event, certain groups of people are more at risk than others. Among those who are in particular danger is the elderly.

Blizzards and nor'easters bring heavy amounts of snow and wind, which can cause power outages for many. It can be dangerous to walk around your home when the power is out, but it is especially dangerous for seniors, who are more likely to injure themselves.

Additionally, heavy amounts of snowfall require homeowners to shovel off their property, and not everyone, especially the elderly, is able to shovel. Shoveling heavy amounts of snow, especially wet snow, requires a great deal of strength and energy, which many seniors do not have.

If you are neighbors with a senior(s), do the right thing this winter and lend a helping hand. If you are physically able to, shovel off their steps and driveway. Ask if they need any food, water, candles, flashlights, blankets, or anything else that will help them get through the storm. Give them your phone number so that they may contact you if they need anything. Merely letting them know that someone nearby is there for them will bring them peace of mind.

Many seniors who live alone are very capable of caring for themselves, but many are not, and may rely on family members who live a lot further away than you do. If you are not sure whether your elderly neighbors need assistance, it is courteous to ask. Although you may be busy looking after yourself and your family, it will mean a lot to your elderly neighbors if you take some time to give them some help.