Namaste Care™ Creator Trains Winchester Rehabilitation and Nursing Center Staff

October 8, 2013
Salter Healthcare Team

Winchester Rehabilitation and Nursing Center's nurses and aides recently had the pleasure of training with Namaste Care™ program creator, Joyce Simard, LSW, whose program has been implemented around the world because of its compassionate and loving approach to care for end-of-life and advanced dementia patients.

"Namaste" is a greeting meaning, "I bow to your spirit." Namaste Care™ is founded on providing patients with daily meaningful activities using a "loving touch" approach that honors the spirit within. According to Simard, Namaste Care™ is provided in a peaceful, non-isolating environment with soft music, lavender aromatherapy, and attention focused on patient comfort. Patients are greeted by name, receive hand and foot massages, are kept well hydrated and nourished, and are continually assessed for comfort and pain management.

Winchester Rehabilitation and Nursing Center has a designated room where trained caregivers provide Namaste Care™ five days a week. The care includes, among other techniques, soft ambient lighting, a trickling waterfall, aromatherapy, and warm blankets.

"We've been practicing Namaste Care™ for about a year. Our journey into a Namaste experience began with our desire to address the sadness, isolation and loneliness of our advanced dementia residents. We learned that what defines the Namaste experience is the philosophy of nurturing, individualized attention through loving touch and meaningful interactions while 'being in the presence of others.' The mind, body and soul of the person are the focus; therefore, quality of life can be at the forefront of the program," said Shelley Silverman, R.N.C., N.H.A., Executive Director of Winchester Rehabilitation and Nursing Center.

This revolutionary approach to care is known to decrease incidents of falling and the use of psychotropic medications. Joyce Simard, who was named one of Provider Magazine's "Top 20 to Watch in 2013," believes the program's success in improving residents' lives is due to the sensitive and compassionate care given by the nursing staff. Namaste Care™ benefits those who are at end-of-life or living with advanced dementia by allowing them to continue to live with tranquility, dignity, and quality of life until the end of their lives. Families and staff members also benefit from the comforting effects of this program.

Located at 223 Swanton Street, Winchester Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is a 120-bed, skilled nursing facility providing short-term and traditional nursing services in newly renovated, gracious surroundings.

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